Tyn Y Coed Care Home from Tyn Y Coed on Vimeo.


About TYC Care

TYC is a substantial residential home for 8 individuals with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Needs, requiring personal care.

TYC has adopted a person centred, active support approach to care in order to promote physical, emotional, psychological well-being for the individuals we support.

TYC provide a safe and empowering home to enable those who live in it the chance to lead a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle within their local community.

This is achieved by providing support via our hand-picked team of staff that show a strong emotional intelligence towards supporting adults with Learning Disabilities.

We show the same respect and support to those who use our services, as well as to those who work for us. A supported and developing staff team is seen as an essential element in the implementation of our philosophy. We have experience & knowledge of supporting complex and challenging behaviours and are proud to promote that all of our staff will be PBM trained and have great knowledge in dealing with behaviours that challenge.

After a successful induction period, all staff members will be either enrolled on QCF Level 2 or 3 or have completed them, which shows our dedication to provide the best for the people we support. We operate a low arousal, person centred, active support approach via our ACHIEVE Philosophy which takes into account the needs arising from Learning Disabilities/Autism.

ADVOCACY: we see advocacy as our ‘duty of care’ to support our service users to do things that are in their best interests without judgement or influence from others. We support individuals to outline meaningful, realistic, achievable and sustainable goals that are of benefit to them and their continued development.

COMMUNICATION: all individuals are supported to communicate in the way they are most comfortable with. This enables them to express their likes, dislikes, needs and wants, and most importantly their opinion on how their life is lived.

HEALTH: we encourage everyone to follow a healthy and active lifestyle. We support all individuals to choose, prepare and eat healthy food choices. We endeavour to lease with Professionals and Parents to ensure that all health care needs are being met.

INDIVIDUALISATION: using a combination of Person Centred and Active Support approaches, our aim is to place each individual at the centre of their own care. We support every service user to make informed choices about the things that are happening in their lives. Ultimately this leads to each person having their own bespoke care package which addresses the things that are meaningful to them and will cater for their specific needs.

ENVIRONMENT: we provide a safe, caring, low arousal environment in which every individual is encouraged to develop their skills at their own pace. We provide many activities on and off site and support each person to develop their confidence and empower them to become part of the community that they live in.

VOICE: we support the adults in our care to have their own say in all aspects of their lives. Choice is key in enabling each individual to achieve their potential while being involved in things that matter to them and having their voice heard.

EMPATHY: we provide a high standard of professional care to every individual with empathy, dignity and respect at the forefront of our service. This allows us to form positive relationships with each service user and their support network creating an environment in which each individual can thrive.